COVID-19 Operations – Greater Sydney July 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in restrictions being imposed in workplaces and on general movement in the Greater Sydney area.

The latest updates are in place from 18 July 2021.

The current situation with  working restrictions, stay at home rules and special requirements for workers in Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury – Bankstown can be found at here

All permitted on-site work requires the development of a COVID-19  Safety Plan. Resources and guidance on how to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and links to requirements for COVID-19  tests for the Greater Sydney area and specific  LGA s are  here

Forklift Trucks are essential for  the safe and efficient supply of goods and services in Australia.Regular servicing of Forklift Trucks is essential to ensure that they are in a safe working condition and therefore compliant with Workplace Health and Safety requirements.

Specific activities which constitute authorized work (applicable to leaving restricted LGAs) are here . Section 8  Transport, postal and warehousing- transport support services; vehicle repairs and critical maintenance including disinfection; critical safety operational staff for transport are probably applicable to the Forklift and Industrial Truck Sector.


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