COVID-19 Operations – Victoria Stage 4 Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in restrictions being imposed in workplaces .

Forklift Trucks are essential for  the safe and efficient supply of goods and services in Australia.

Under Victoria Stage 4 Restrictions the repair and maintenance of Forklift trucks is essentially covered as:

Automotive, machinery and equipment repair and maintenance are permitted to operate where providing support to a permitted service or industry or where required to maintain the health and safety of Victorians at home or at work.

Regular servicing of Forklift Trucks is essential to ensure that they are in a safe working condition and therefore compliant with Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Therefore their maintenance and repair is a permitted activity.

Guide to Industry Stage 4 Restrictions is here

All permitted on-site work requires the development of a COVID Safe Plan

Guide to developing a COVID Safe Plan is here

All workers must carry a permitted worker form. It is the employers responsibility to provide this.

Permitted  Worker Scheme  details and permit form are here, a copy of the Permitted Worker Scheme permit form is here.