Power Tool Battery Fire

On the afternoon of Sunday 23 January 2022, a lithium-ion battery attached to a cordless impact wrench exploded after it was left on the back seat of a vehicle over the weekend. The explosion ignited other material left on the seat and severely damaged the interior of the vehicle.

The incident occurred in Darwin where the outside temperature at the time was approximately 31°. The cordless impact wrench and battery was manufactured by a reputable company.

More information is available in the safety alert issued by WorkSafe NT, here

Japanese Encephalitis: Safe Work Australia Guidance


Currently, there is evidence of Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) circulation in pigs in South-Eastern Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria and South Australia –  (Link)

Safe Work Australia has developed new work health and safety (WHS) guidance on Japanese encephalitis for persons conducting a business or undertaking.

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TMHA Welcomes 15 New Forklift Apprentices Into Training Program

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has welcomed one of its biggest crops of forklift technician apprentices in its 2022 Annual Apprentice Intake, with 15 new inductees brought into the program.

An induction ceremony on April 21 saw the 15 new apprentices attend accompanied by mentors from their respective TMHA branches, where they were welcomed by senior TMHA executives including president CEO Steve Takacs. Mr Takacs also presented the new apprentices with their tools of the trade, marking a significant investment directly to the inductees.

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Seat Belt Saves Forklift Operator

The NSW Resources Regulator has issued a safety alert regarding an forklift roll over incident on a NSW mine site recently.

The incident occurred with an unladen forklift moving at speed.

The operator was was wearing his seat belt and received only minor injuries despite the severity of the accident.

The full incident report is available here


Flood Damaged Forklift Trucks

Following the Brisbane floods in 2011 the Australian Forklift and Industrial Truck Association (AFITA) became aware of issues with the sale of flood damaged forklifts (insurance write-offs).

Although these machines were sold for on the basis of being for spare parts only, there were instances of them being repaired and offered for sale as second-hand working forklifts or put into the hire market instead of being dismantled and used as spare parts.

Recent major floods in Queensland and NSW again raise the risk of this happening. Continue reading “Flood Damaged Forklift Trucks”

AFITA Online Forklift Safety Seminar – Forklift Capacity plates

AFITA Online Forklift Safety Seminar

Following the success presentation of Forklift Safety Week via online webinar the Australian Forklift and Industrial Trucks Association (AFITA) has decided to present regular online Safety Seminars.

Forklift Capacity Plates

Presenter: Mike Croxford, Crown Equipment           

Moderator: Craig Williams, Clark Equipment

Australian Standard compliant forklifts are required to have capacity plates placed in a position where they can be seen from the operator’s position. They show the maximum load limits for a forklift under various configurations of mast tilt and load heights and in combination with attachments.
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Forklift Safety Week : Standards, Safety and Industrial Trucks Video Now Online

With the decision to move the 2020 Forklift Safety Week online as a series of webinars allowed the webinars to be recorded so the could be available after the webinars.

Website upgrades to allow video viewing to be online have now been completed and the first of the videos has been posted to the AFITA Website.

This video is taken from the first of four webinars presented by AFITA as part of Forklift Safety Week 2020

Standards, Safety and Industrial Trucks

The video link is here

Presenter: Mike Croxford, Crown Equipment

Moderator: Craig Williams, Clark Equipment


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