Guidance Notes

Click on the links below to access the Guidance Notes developed by the AFITA Engineering Committee.  These Bulletins can be downloaded and provided to customers to inform them on specific safety aspects relating to forklift truck usage.

AFITA-001 – Definition of Order Picker – ver 2

AFITA-002 – Inching Pedal Usage – ver 3

AFITA-003 Forklift Towing Guidance Note – C Draft at August 2016

AFITA-004 – Pallet Pulling Guidance Note – ver 2

AFITA-005 – Use of Slip on Attachments on Forklifts – ver 2

AFITA-007 FLTs Modified for Use in Hazardous Areas. Flameproofing

AFITA-008 – OHG Inspection Repair Modification – ver 2

AFITA-009 – Using Industrial Trucks on an Incline – ver 2

AFITA-011- Using Hand Pallet Truck on Incline – ver 2

AFITA-012 – Guidance for Transporting and Stacking Tall Loads – ver 2

AFITA-013 – Guidance for Transporting Stacking Wide Loads – ver 2

AFITA-014 – Seat Belt Guidance Sit Down Reach Truck

AFITA-015 – Q Fever Health Safety Guidance

AFITA-016 – AS2359 FAQ

AFITA-0017 – Use of Assistance Systems

AFITA-0018 – Disabling or Removal of Safety Features – draft 2.doc